Audacy Ventures is a principal investments group focused on energy transition, decarbonization and new frontier technologies advancing society on a global scale

Our mission is to cultivate and support companies who solve some of the most pressing environmental and social problems our world is facing.

We believe in the power of deep tech and its applications to reshape industries. We partner with founders who are doing their life’s work, to commercialise and massively scale these solutions.

How we work

  • Get in from the ground floor – we prefer going early into companies and help the founders build their business from the ground up in order to access those with the most desirable technologies. We are increasingly seeking technologists who have yet to take the leap of faith to form their own companies and are providing them with the tools, advice and financial support to do so. We understand the meaning of sweat equity because we deploy our own.
  • We bring in our co-investor network – once the company has built solid foundations and is ready to scale.
  • We help commercialise – by utilizing our extensive network to help portfolio companies identify and acquire customers, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.