Moment Energy Becomes the First Company in North America to Achieve the Standard for Evaluation of Repurposing Batteries

Oct 10, 2023
Moment Energy
Moment Energy Becomes the First Company in North America to Achieve UL 1974 Certification

Moment Energy makes history by becoming the first and only North American company to secure the UL 1974, the Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries, underlining its commitment to sustainable battery energy storage system innovation.

COQUITLAM, BC - Tuesday, October 10th, 2023 - In a groundbreaking stride toward sustainable battery energy storage innovation, Moment Energy has etched its name in history as the first and only company in North America to be certified by UL Solutions to UL 1974, the Standard for Evaluation for Repurposing Batteries. This landmark achievement signifies Moment Energy’s commitment to not only upholding the highest safety standards but also to championing the rigorous process of battery repurposing, paving the way for a robust circular economy for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

By reaching this milestone, Moment Energy fortifies its position at the forefront of repurposing second-life EV batteries into sustainable battery energy storage systems, setting the benchmark for industry standards and sustainable innovation. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the automotive industry, this certification assures Moment Energy's dedication to safety, innovation, and quality. This frames Moment Energy as an ideal partner for automotive OEMs looking to invest confidently in sustainable battery repurposing and utilization. As an example, since 2021 Moment Energy partners with Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH in repurposing second-life EV batteries into battery energy storage systems (BESSs) in North America. As a subsidiary of Mercedes-Benz AG, Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH is responsible for the development of innovative energy storage solutions based on the automotive battery technology used in electric and hybrid vehicles. 
The UL 1974 certification not only underlines Moment Energy’s commitment to safety but also to sustainability. For those unfamiliar, the UL 1974 standard creates the groundwork for repurposing batteries by supporting safety and viability for continued use in battery energy storage systems (BESSs). 

Gabriel Soares, Co-founder and CTO of Moment Energy, proudly states, “Achieving the UL 1974 certification marks a pivotal moment in our journey. It reinforces our dedication to integrating safety, innovation, and environmental stewardship into the core of our processes.”

BESSs play a significant role in the transition to clean energy by optimizing renewable energy usage, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, powering EV charging stations and providing stability to the grid, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy system.

This achievement certifies Moment Energy’s robust manufacturing processes for the examination, testing, sorting and grading of repurposed battery modules. Moreover, it underscores the company's persistent endeavor to meet the strict requirements of both UL 1973, the ANSI/CAN/UL Standard for Batteries for Use in Stationary and Motive Auxiliary Power Applications and UL 9540, the Standard for Energy Storage Systems and Equipment.

“By achieving UL 1974, Moment Energy has taken a significant step in advancing the repurposing of batteries from electric vehicles for use in energy storage applications,” Maurice Johnson, senior product manager in the Energy and Industrial Automation group at UL Solutions, “Their bold action demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, and we’re pleased they are placing their trust in UL Solutions to deliver on that promise.”

By earning the UL 1974 certification, Moment Energy reiterates its commitment to harnessing sustainable energy solutions and highlights the limitless possibilities of the future in clean technology.