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Cool Planet Technologies
CPT is licensing membrane-based technology provided by Hereon (part of Germany's largest scientific research organisation), to deliver low cost point source capture. Successfully carried out a pilot with Holcim, one of the world's largest cement producers, and aiming to capture 500m tonnes of CO2 by 2026.
Location: United Kingdom
Sector: Carbon Capture
FlyORO provides modular, on-demand blending services for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and jet fuel at near proximity to airports, reducing delivery logistics costs and road emissions. Provides full flexibility on blend levels and volume commitment, and a price parity enabler for offtakers in the aviation industry.
Location: Singapore
Sector: Sustainable Fuels
H3 Dynamics
H3 Dynamics is a world leader in zero emission hydrogen-electric propulsion, with 3 business units across autonomous data services (in Singapore), unmanned aircraft for military applications (in the US), and aviation solutions for OEMs & airports (in France).
Location: Singapore
Sector: Hydrogen Mobility
GenH2 is a premier provider of liquid hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The team of scientists and engineers possess decades of experience researching, engineering, and producing hydrogen solutions for the US DoD, DoE, NASA and leading universities.
Location: United States
Sector: Hydrogen Infrastructure
Ampd Energy
Ampd Energy designs and manufactures advanced battery energy storage systems (BESS) to replace diesel generators across multiple industries, starting with construction, and now expanding into other use cases including for mining, shipping, and oil & gas.
Location: Hong Kong
Sector: Electrification & Storage
Hyzon Motors
Hyzon Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:HYZN) is a leading US-based global supplier of zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell-powered heavy vehicles. Hyzon is on a mission to help operators of heavy vehicles decarbonise their fleets and accelerate the energy transition to cost effective, zero-emission, sustainable operations.
Location: United States
Sector: Hydrogen Mobility
Jet Zero Australia
Leading bioenergy project developer in Australia producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via the conversion of agricultural by-products e.g. sugarcane waste. Partnering with LanzaJet (subsidiary of Nasdaq-listed LanzaTech) to develop Australia's first Alcohol-to-Jet Fuel facility, with backing from Qantas, Airbus, and the Queensland Government.
Location: Australia
Sector: Sustainable Fuels
BugEra has developed a novel genetic modification on black soldier flies (BSF), a naturally occurring insect that feeds on organic waste efficiently and is rich in protein. BugEra's gene edit doubles the oil yield of the insects, turning the fly larva into an alternative sustainable and affordable biofuel feedstock.
Location: Israel
Sector: Sustainable Fuels
Edge Zero
Providing real-time cloud-based solutions to the international problem of integrating and controlling distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar, EV chargers and batteries into the aging, low voltage electricity network.
Location: Australia
Sector: Electrification
NovoNutrients' CO2-to-protein fermentation platform is powered by patent pending microbes and proprietary bioreactors. The organisms transform emissions, along with hydrogen and oxygen, into safe, natural single cell protein ingredients for aquaculture and animal feed.
Location: United States
Sector: Carbon Capture & Utilisation
44.01 is a technology provider that offers carbon dioxide removal (“CDR”) solutions with permanent mineralisation in peridotite formations in Oman, home to the largest formation of peridotite in the world. Strategic investor base includes Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Equinor, Amazon, and Siemens Financial.
Location: Oman
Sector: Carbon Storage
Moment Energy
Moment Energy repurpose end-of-life EV batteries to provide clean, affordable, and reliable battery energy storage systems (BESS) for on and off-grid facilities, including applications for EV charing support, peak shaving and load shifting.
Location: Canada
Sector: Battery Repurposing
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