JALUX Invests in Block Aero, an Aviation Blockchain Company

Apr 11, 2022
Block Aero Technologies
JALUX Inc. President & CEO Shoji Shinohara announced that JALUX Inc. has invested in Block Aero Technologies Holdings Inc. (“Block Aero”) – a developer and provider of a blockchain platform for managing aviation assets such as aircraft and aircraft engines.

The aerospace and defense industry has traditionally created, processed, managed, and stored quality documentation for aircraft and engines on paper, which is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and still a huge cost burden worldwide today.

Block Aero’s vision is to transform the aviation industry through total lifecycle asset management using software based on blockchain technology. We are developing a platform to organize, chronologically, and with tamper-proof management in a practical manner. Through the provision of this platform, we aim to enhance data permanence, reliability, and convenience, and to create a world in which those involved in the aerospace and defense industry can safely and powerfully utilize data.

JALUX and Block Aero are working together to promote digital transformation in the aviation-related business, thereby enhancing operational efficiency, further strengthening and expanding our supply chain worldwide. Furthermore, through collaboration with Block Aero, we aim to create a world where the aerospace and defense industry’s value will accelerate innovation in blockchain, and create new value.